Our annual guardian fee for the academic year 2021-2022 is £2,100, covering the guardian services listed below:


1. To offer, according to our expertise and the current market information of the UK, free consultation and advice to the parents on how to select a suitable boarding school; and to provide the most up-to-date school information, such as academic standing, school ethos, proportion of Asian students, school fees, scholarships and traffic information, etc.;

2. To apply a boarding place on behalf of the parent and the student, to arrange the written test taken by the student in Hong Kong or other major cities, pay the deposit and process all the admission procedures.

3. To maintain a close contact with the parents, the student and the school throughout the year by using telephone calls, WeChat, WhatsApp , e-mails, text messages or posts;

4. To advise the parents of the best arrival date and landing time in the U.K. for their child with a view to facilitating their booking of flight tickets,

5. To introduce to the parents various insurance schemes available in the U.K. for medical and properties protection;

6. To advise the parents on the purchase of certain school uniforms in Hong Kong which are not compulsory items of the school;

7. To purchase upon request a mobile phone SIM card or an international SIM card for the student's use in the U.K.;

8. To arrange picking up of the student at the airport and the journey to the school, and also taking the students to the airport from school for their home journey in major school holidays.

9. To report to a local police station near the school with the student if it is a requirement endorsed in the Student Visa so that the student can obtain a police registration certificate,

10. To assist the student to buy the daily necessities which are too clumsy to fly with;

11. To arrange an authorized staff to take the student to collect the BRP from the specified local post office.

12. To discuss on behalf of the parents with the school about the keeping and the release of pocket money to the student;

13. To check the school fees and avoid paying any unnecessary items demanded in the bill so that the student will not be charged unnecessary,

14. To monitor the academic progress of the student and offer assistance when needed, such as arranging more English lessons (EAL / EFL) with the school, or staying with our tutorials families during the major school holidays.

15. To provide the parents an assessment report of the student's performance on the basis of the School academic reports, and to discuss with them if any remedy is needed;

16. To offer professional advice to the parents and the student on selection of subjects in GCSE and A-level, and also choosing the Universities and their degree courses;

17. To arrange family accommodation and the transport between the school and the host family for the student. The arrangement details are then given to the parents and the school.

18. To act on the parent's behalf to handle all school matters, including correspondences, vaccinations, invitations for various programmes, or feedback of the academic report, etc.;

19. To offer assistance, advice or counselling as and when necessary, for example, when the student is bullied;

20. To arrange for the student to study in another school that will suit him/her better, if there is such a need to leave the current school;

21. To provide the parents with the income and expenditure accounts of the reserve at the end of each term and, if necessary, remind them to replenish the reserve before the next term starts;

22. To provide a yearly account at the end of an academic year for checking by the parents and the student. The balance in the reserve, if any, will be transferred to the accounts of the following year or refunded to the parents if the student no longer needs our services.



(a) The Quality Guardianship will not charge the client any fees for jobs that are necessary in the course of arranging the services to be provided, say for examples, making various enquiries or informing the parties concerned. If, however, the service provided is itself a chargeable service item, charges will then be required for that particular service. Take service item 8 from the above as an example, we will not charge any fees for the prior arrangements made to pick up the student at the airport; but will charge for the distance travelled by the student on the way to the school.

(b) The staff driving the vehicle will not charge any wage for the time he/she travelled with the student.