Founders and Objectives

Our company was founded by a group of Chinese who have immigrated to the UK for many years. They possessed substantial experiences in serving as guardians of children of their relatives and friends pursuing studies in the UK. With the encouragement of the U.K. Education Service Department of the British Council, we collaborated with other overseas educational service providers in Hong Kong with an aim to provide a one-stop quality service to Hong Kong students studying in the UK.


The Requirements of Employing Guardians

The long recognized quality education offered by most British schools and colleges has prompted tens of thousands of parents in Hong Kong to send their children to pursue studies in the U.K. every year. Meanwhile, for legal and practical reasons, all boarding schools require the parents to appoint local educational guardians for their children.

Legally, The Children Act 1989, The Protection of Children Act 1999, and The Care Standard Act 2000 specify that all parents who do not live in the United Kingdom and whose children are receiving full time education (more than 12 weeks) must appoint a lawful guardian to act on their behalf.

It will therefore be illegal to appoint, for example, an elder brother or sister who is studying in the University to be the guardian for their children. Furthermore, the student is not allowed to stay in the University accommodation with his/her elder brother/sister during the holidays.


Why "Quality Guardianship" ?

"Quality Guardianship" is the first and the only organization of its kind in the U.K. which provides Chinese guardians. Being former citizens in Hong Kong, our Chinese guardians have an edge over English guardians because they have the same cultural background and will better understand the children's needs, and, of course, the needs and expectations of their parents. With our guardian's quality service, we can assure you that your child will have every care and assistance when needed and it will not take him/her long to settle into the new environment. Furthermore, the host family we arrange for your child during term breaks will be more than happy to help your child familiarize with the local culture and their way of life, making his/her sojourn in the "second family" an invaluable social experience.