The services listed below are chargeable and are provided on request. The charges (please refer to Details of Charges in our website for details) will be deducted from the reserve account. The reserve is the £900 which is collected during registration. This reserve has to be topped up to this level or above at the beginning of the second and third term according to the money left over by the end of the previous term.


1. All transport services provided by us which is the travel expenses incurred by the student each journey;


2. Accommodation service for the student at the host family arranged by us which is including the boarding fees and entertainment expenses incurred by the student during each stay;

3. The working hours spent by the guardian, not including his/her travelling time, such as the time spent in school for attending teacher/parents meetings with the student;


4. The services catered specially for the needs of individual students, for example, helping to purchase spectacles, paying visits to hospital or within the school.


5. 24-hour emergency backup provided to help, say for example, taking the student to hospital for treatments of minor accidental injuries etc.;


6. Assistance offered to the student in respect of applications of scholarships/study grants and arrangements for him/her to attend interviews and/or to sit for written examinations;


7. Assistance offered to the student in applying for extension of visa, the replacement or renewal of passport, and buying flight tickets;


8. Arrangements of holiday activities, such as refresher course(s) or camping, for the student as requested;


9. Services rendered in relation to change of school for the student, for example, transport of the student to the new campus and the working hours spent at the school by the guardian in carrying out such duties;


10. Reception services andprogrammes arranged for parents coming to the U.K. to visit their children;


11. Storage services for sundries that the student may want to store up for the summer holidays, including for example musical instrument(s), books, clothing and other personal belongings; and


12. Transportation of the personal items in storage at the beginning of a new academic year. (The student may request us to transport the items in storage to the dormitory if he/she goes to the school by himself/herself, or carry them to the airport where we will pick him/her up to the school.)