All charges/fees will be calculated and payable in Sterling Pounds and are subject to annual adjustment. The charges/fees listed here under are for the academic year 2020-2021 and are for reference only.


1. Annual Guardianship Fee and Refundable Reserve


Each "Agreement"  will normally cover one full academic year, beginning from September to early July of the following year. The service provided by us will terminate upon the conclusion of the academic year. To renew the Agreement, the parent can sign another one during the summer holiday of the following year.

The annual guardianship fee for the academic year 2020-2021 is £2,000. Upon signing the Agreement, we will collect from the parent £2,900, being payment of the guardian fee (£2,000) for that academic year and a reserve (£900) to meet the child's miscellaneous expenses for the first term. For the subsequent terms, the parent will be reminded before the commencement of each term to replenish the reserve to ensure that the balance is sufficient for it.

If the student commences his/her studies in the middle of an academic year, the guardian fee for that particular year will be adjusted accordingly. Taking the academic year 2020-2021 for illustration:


(a) For students who commence studies in the second term beginning from early January 2021, the guardian fee for the remaining year will be £1,383.33. The fees to be collected upon signing the Agreement will be £2,283.33, being the guardian fee (£1,383.33) and the reserve (£900).


(b) For students who commence studies in the third term beginning from early April 2021, the guardian fee for the remaining year will be £716.67. The fees to be collected upon signing the Agreement will be £1,616.67, being the guardian fee (£716.67) and the reserve (£900).


2. Transport Service


The school normally allows students over the age of 15 to travel by coaches or trains on their own. However, we can always provide drivers and vehicles for them upon request.

Land transport provided by us is charged at a fixed rate of £2.00 per mile for the net distance travelled. We do not charge wages for the journey time. However, tolls for bridges, tunnels, parking and other similar charges will be charged at actual expenses incurred.

We charge £2.50 per mile for journeys inside London as it is always very busy and the driving time needed is much longer than usual. In addition, we have to pay £12.00 for using the congestion Zone during the peak times (Mon – Fri : 7 am to 6 pm). Therefore, we strongly advise parents to check the price of the journey with us beforehand.

Although our prices are very similar to most taxi companies, the care and assistance we provide will not be matched by any ordinary taxi driver.


3. Regular Duties


Regular duties include but are not limited to the attendance of our guardian at School's Open Days, teacher-parents meetings, or other school activity programmes. The wages for these outdoor duties will be charged at £15 per hour spent in the school only. The guardian’s mileage will be £1.00 per mile but there is no wages for his journey. For all these duties, we always give the parents a decent quotation and ask for their consent.


4. Host Family


The cost for accommodation ranges from £50 to £55 per day, depending on the location and living environment of the host family. The charge includes all meals, and more importantly, care and supervision provided.

(Note: It is much cheaper than the rate of a standard room of a hotel or travel inn. In 2019, the minimum daily room rate of a hotel or travel inn in the U.K. is about £85 and it can be as high as £180 if it is located in London. Further, the cost does not include any meals.)


5. Change of School


We will collect the examination fees (if any), which is approx. £150, for the new school. In addition, we will charge the fees for the transport of the student/parent(s) to visit the new campus and/or to sit for the oral/written examination; and the hourly wage for the duties carried out by the guardian at the school (please refer to paragraph 3 above).


6. Other Services


Apart from the above services, we will try our best to provide ad hoc services to meet the special needs of the parents and their children as per request. These may include storage services for sundries during summer holidays, purchase of plane ticket and applying for extension of visa, reception service for parents, arrangement of holiday activities, etc. Charges of such services are subject to negotiation.